A Divine Code handheld perfected formula/roller coaster track of infinite possabilities to and through nature's pathway of least resistance - The Golden Spiral.

Whenever you get the urge to move freely and intelligently.

Wherever you happen to be. "I like using them best outdoors, by the ocean on windy days," says Master Rob but anywhere your thoughts and feelings choose to merge.

To celebrate being alive! To better communicate truth to your Divine Self while you are in a body, and to more fully connect to the current possibilities of your own awareness.

You must feel it! You will get the best results with an open heart, and an open mind, coupled with a plyable grip. It takes enthusiasm, centrifigul force and free will.

Lastly, do it for the fun of it! The results of joy, Freedom, Openness, and Expanded Consiossness are just a bonus!