There is an Avenue of Bliss that runs throughout Creation. Follow that Bliss with The Golden Spiral.

Phi Stix are a Perfected Concept of incorporating Natures Pathway of Least Resistance into Your Everyday Life!   By integrating this Divine Code Contour into Ones physical being, A Self Realization Occurs. Yes! By mimicking flowing water, currents of awareness open Your mind and body to a Whole New Paradigm of Healing and Self Expression. By incorporating the Shapes of Seashells and Plant growth into your gestures one becomes more efficient and more Structurally Sound.

The Water Blessing
01 Golden Spiral - Fibonacci Diagram 1
02 Golden Spiral - Fibonacci and the Tai Chi Symbol
03 Golden Spiral - Tai Chi Sphere
04 Golden Spiral - Vesica Piscis
05 Golden Spiral - Water
06 Golden Spiral - Surfing the Golden Spiral
07 Golden Spiral - Butterfly Currents
08 Golden Spiral - Phi is Everywhere
09 Golden Spiral - Martial Application
10 Golden Spiral - Detaching Electricity